It can be hard to find peace of mind in today's world. Demands and pace of daily life can leave us feeling exhausted and disconnected. Anxiety and other mental health issues are now rife and we can all sometimes benefit from practical tools to help us better navigate our lives. So we value self-care and being kind to your mind. Being kind to our minds can include connecting with others and creating community, learning new skills and ideas, trying fresh – often creative - activities, as well as noticing and being present in each moment. Attention to the present moment can include awareness of our feelings and senses as we experience our surroundings more fully. We also recognise the intimate connection between mind and body and that being kind to our bodies influences our state of mind. So nurturing exercise and movement and healthy eating are key. And, of course nourishing mind and body by inviting rest and relaxation into our lives.
We recognise the intimate connection between mind and body and that being kind to our bodies influences our state of mind
KindtomyMind encompasses Mindfulness (through Meditation) for adults, kids and teens/young people. Meditation coaching is available for individuals or groups. This includes Days of Mindfulness (workshops). Mind kindness embraces Mental Health and Wellbeing and we provide Mental Health First Aid two day training – this enables you/your employees to know how to support others/colleagues who are experiencing wellbeing concerns and provides the tools to look after ourselves and be kind to our own minds when need it most.  We also offer Personal Life Coaching. This can allow us to live our lives more authentically – leading the life that is congruent with our personal values, goals and intentions and following our own wishes and dreams.
About Kate
Kate is a trained Mindfulness for Life Coach - qualified to teach adults – including the standard 8 week Mindfulness training course. She's trained in the Youth Mindfulness Kid's Programme (7-11 year olds) and the SOMA* programme for teens and young people. Kate has found meditation very beneficial over many years and loves to share the experience with others. She very much enjoys running meditation classes and workshops - enabling others to experience the peace and tranquillity it can bring and to enjoy the power of meditating together as a group. Kate likes to bring mindfulness into all aspects of daily life.
About Kate
Kate has many years’ experience working in charities and particularly in the health sector – setting up innovative and ground breaking pilot projects, learning from these and then rolling them out more broadly. She has led and inspired large and diverse teams to make a difference. Her work at YoungMinds developed an intervention for parents - enabling them to support their children around emerging mental health concerns. An accredited mediator (Alternative Dispute Resolution), with a foundation in counselling and a deep interest in mental health and wellbeing – Kate is an approved MHFA England Instructor Member – qualified to train Mental Health First Aiders and support those suffering mental ill health to help avoid concerns escalating into crisis.·      
mind and body are intimately connected and should be considered holistically
*SOMA is an acronym for Social Connection, Openness to enjoyment, Meaning & Purpose and Action and Agency – and it's also the Greek word for body. Taken together these concepts represent the key constituents of wellbeing and this training is aimed at training the whole body. The SOMA course is for teens and young people – based on the premise that mind and body are intimately connected and should be considered holistically. For example when we experience stress it doesn’t just happen in our minds but is experienced throughout our being. By encouraging and enabling more positive states we can more regularly experience happiness and positive emotions, like love, and so feel more energised, better focused, with positive impacts for our health and wellness.
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