Mindfulness helps us live life more deeply and to be more in touch with ourselves and others. It helps us practise more self-compassion. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it as 'paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.' Mindful practice can be adopted in all aspects of life and can be brought into any activity in daily living way.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research demonstrates the benefits meditation can bring. Mindfulness can improve mood and outlook and can reduce anxiety by reducing a tendency to worry. Mindfulness is built on compassion, kindness and gratitude. These attitudinal behaviours can support our resilience and ability to handle difficult situations – enabling us to experience our lives more fully. Mindfulness can aid focus and concentration. It can encourage health benefits too such as reduced blood pressure and lowering heart rate. Neuroscience shows us that mindful practices can effectively rewire the brain. Habits are not set in stone and may be changed through conscious practice. Solid scientific grounding support of mindfulness' ability to grow new neural habits. Neuroscience shows that the new habits meditation can cultivate and create new neural pathways and so change the ways in which our brains respond to stress. Regular practice enables neural networks to strengthen and to allow new pathways to develop that will serve us more beneficially and improve how we feel and experience life.


Kate runs weekly classes - virtual and in person (for full details please contact Kate)

Meditation is a practice which enables us to be mindful. It’s a technique inviting you to focus on a particular activity – such as the breath or a specific sense (like sight or the hearing) and so train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Meditation 121 classes

We run one to one classes for individuals wishing to learn more about meditation and who wish to still their minds and feel more stable. Clients may be finding difficulty sleeping or perhaps experiencing stress or anxiety. Perhaps clients may be recovering from illness or simply seeking more balance in their day to day lives. These one-to-one classes can be tailored to individual needs and often comprise discussion and advice on techniques and approaches, some practice and often deeper relaxation experience too.

Weekly meditation class

We hold a meditation class in Berkhamsted. They are open to newcomers and more experienced practitioners. Classes guide and enable regular meditation practice. For more information on (both virtual and actual) weekly classes please go to Contact. Trained to deliver the Youth Mindfulness Kids' Programme - we also run mindfulness courses for  7 to 11 year olds the (trauma informed) SOMA* course for teens and twenties. These courses are flexible and comprise activities and themes that can be adapted for various groups and different needs or circumstances. (Further details available on request).

Meditation 8 week course

We lead and deliver a standard 8 week Mindfulness for Life Course. It balances theory with practice as it helps you to understand and then to apply mindfulness practices in your daily life. The course includes: Discovering the Present Moment, the Art of Allowing, Embodiment, Mindfulness of Feelings, Self-Compassion, Nourishing Happiness, Awareness of Mind and discussion and exploration of what makes A Mindful Life. Also included is a Day of Mindfulness – which will help integrate and embed the learning and experience. Further details available on request.

Mindful workshops

We run workshops and days of Mindfulness to allow you a day of tranquillity with a variety of techniques to enable your attention to be present in the moment. The days are varied and aim to allow meditation practice outside (sometimes with a walking meditation or by bringing your awareness into the natural world) as well as sitting and eating meditation too. These days can be tailored for clients’ needs and offered in various locations. If you would like to attend a workshop by KindtomyMind or to have KindtomyMind bring a workshop to you or your workplace, then do get in touch.

Bespoke Classes

We can also deliver classes/courses/workshops for Kids or for Teens and Young People or for Workplaces (within businesses /organisations for employees) - more details on request.
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