Mental Health First Aid

Two-day course

Learn to be a Mental Health First Aider on a two-day public Mental Health First Aid course. The two-day courses are run in relaxed and comfortable venues or within your business workplace. Each participant is supported to learn and explore topics surrounding mental health and wellbeing. The course focuses on giving attendees the confidence and knowledge to support others who may be in difficulty, whilst at the same time equipping you as ‘first aider’ with the tools to monitor your own mental wellbeing.

Accredited by MHFA England

This internationally recognised course qualifies attendees as Mental Health First Aiders.  It's an in-depth look at mental health and the common conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and schizophrenia. Attendees leave with a thorough understanding of the factors affecting mental health and an awareness of the impact of poor mental health on those experiencing issues. Time is also spent enhancing conversation and listening skills – which give you the confidence to offer support to others, even in a crisis situation and enable signposting to further help. The Key take out is that whilst all have mental health, mental ill-health can happen to anyone and recovery is likely and possible.​

What will you gain:
Everyone completing the course receives:
Course Outline - Four sessions split over two days
Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four

Training day format


Group size:
We cover sensitive topics and encourage participation within each person’s comfort zone and as such we operate minimum group sizes of 8 and maximum of 16 to provide the best experience.  
Our Venues:
Professional yet relaxed settings. We only use large bright training rooms in easily accessible locations.
KindtomyMind Training instructors are MHFA England approved, passionate about the topic and great facilitators – calmly able to create a safe yet stimulating learning environment; we avoid jargon and develop fun and engaging facilitated learning.  
Everything included:
All course materials are provided, along with follow up resources for each participant.  
Public Mental Health First Aid course fee:
We aim to make our courses accessible as well our pricing (the prices vary depending on venue/location costs. So please register your enquiry to learn about the pricing in your area. For those who are self-funding it may be possible to explore specific payment options).

Online Teaching

Our training is now available online! Due to social distancing and for convenience, the Online Mental Health  First Aid (MHFA) is available via a virtual Learning hub as a blended approach of individual learning in four instructor-led individual sessions. It provides the same learning outcomes and certification for learners.

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