“Kate's classes are so relaxing, and help me to focus my mind on the here and now. Kate emphasises that there is no need to worry about 'getting it right' - as minds will wander into thoughts. The key is to simply notice as this happens and then to gently return focus to our breath. It's a very welcoming environment. I have definitely noticed a positive shift in my physical and mental wellbeing since doing meditation regularly."
- Anna

"Thank you for the wonderful introduction to your meditation class last night. I enjoyed it so much I've bought a month introductory package and secured my place at next week's class! I think it's just what I need right now. Thanks again."

"Mindfulness has changed my life. Even my children think I am more chilled. It’s a wonderful tranquil environment at the studio and Kate has such a wonderful calmness to her voice she can make even the most stressful days soon be forgotten."
- Jess

"I wanted to let you know that I slept so well after your meditation last night.  It was deep and impactful.  Normally I wake during the night but I didn't last night, it was great!  There is a magic in your words, pace, humour, kindness, sensitivity & warmth - you are the real deal!"
- M.W.
Life is so hectic and there is always something more important than finding that moment of calm and mindfulness. I felt a real need to have to justify to myself about trialling the meditation and mindful class with Kate…. but it was the best decision I have made in years!
I have been finding my moment of peace once a week for months now and not only has it enabled me to “stop”, “breath” and  “reflect”, it has also allowed me to have the clarity to make some big life changing decisions I previously felt unclear about
- S

"Kate’s Guided Meditation Class is just what I was looking for. She creates a relaxed atmosphere with candlelight and soft music, explains the overall structure of the session, and her mellifluous voice guides us through an hour of meditation. The time flies, tension disappears and I always feel wonderfully calm at the end. I regularly attend Kate’s Guided Meditation class because it keeps me meditating, I enjoy meditation in a group, and I benefit from both."
- Sheila

’We absolutely loved the session. We very much look forward to the classes. At the end of the class everyone sounds like they’re just about to step off a cloud. It’s really quite moving.’  
- Gary

"Thank you Kate. I had the best night's sleep in a long time."
- Isabelle

Mental Health First Aid

"Excellent Enjoyable and Informative."

"So helpful to discuss these issues!’"

"Well supported by great videos and materials."

"Very informative, I have learned a lot and the Instructor was the best."

"Friendly comfortable and thorough. A privilege and a beautiful experience.Should be made compulsory in schools and the workplace."
‘Simply outstanding, very well delivered, Engaging."

"This should be compulsory for everyone. Amazing!"

"Uplifting and Informative."

"Mental Health was something I had limited knowledge about before the course, after completing this course my knowledge has surpassed my expectations."

"Brilliant course, very helpful and insightful."
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